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Popular Articles

SocialKik Review: Is Buying Facebook Fans Worth It?

There are services available where you can purchase Twitter followers and Facebook fans. But is it worth it? Maybe not, but it depends.

How Long Does It Take To Get On The First Page Of Google?

It's a question we get asked all the time - how long will it take for my site to start showing in Google (on the first page of results)? The answer? It depends.

Domain Name Group Scam

We have received a number of enquiries from our customers about domain name “Invoices” that are being received in the mail, and so we are sending out an alert regarding this scam.

Can You Get Someone's Google Adsense Account Banned?

If you wanted to get someone banned from Google Adsense, could you do it? We think it's actually possible.

The Golden Aeroplane Game

When I was too young to have any money, there was this thing called the Golden Aeroplane game that went crazy around Australia, and as I recall it was common enough and caused enough heartache that they eventually legislated against it.  The bas...

Asian Domain Name Scam

At least two companies apparently based in China and Hong Kong have been sending unsolicited emails to people with .au domain names, attempting to mislead them into registering their name in a number of Asian domain spaces.

Finding .edu And .gov Backlinks

Links from .edu and .gov websites are generally more beneficial than links from other sites (of the same PR). But how on earth do you get them?

The importance of Twitter

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you’ll know that South West eCommerce is two guys in Bunbury Western Australia, who are sure the internet is a place where we can make enough money to support our families, and maybe get just ...

Free Phone Calls Over The Internet

You may have heard stories about how you can make telephone calls over the Internet for free. Well here's a system that makes it so easy anyone can do it.

Some True Virus Stories

We don't normally like to write about viruses, and we especially don't like the email hoaxes that go around about "virus warnings". But we've got a couple of true stories that have either happened to us or to someone we know, that serve as another reminder why proper anti-virus software is essential.