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SocialKik Review: Is Buying Facebook Fans Worth It?

facebookblumpo.jpgThere are a number of services out there that will let you buy Twitter followers or Facebook fans. We decided to try one of them,

In our experiment, we decided to buy 1000 Facebook fans for an Australian fan page, and 2000 Facebook fans for a United Kingdom fan page.

Within days, we began to receive new fans, as promised. But there were some problems.

  1. We paid extra for the "targeted fans" option, and clearly specified that we wanted Australian fans and United Kingdom fans respectively. However, it became clear early on that all fans were from the USA. When we replied to to ask them why we weren't getting geographically targeted fans, they did not reply. Unfortunately this did not improve and we ended up with almost exclusively USA fans.

  2. Some of the "fans" began to leave weird comments on our fan pages. Things like "hello" or "i feel bad today". That's no big deal, but the thing is, some fans made identical comments on both of our fan pages.  This leads us to suspect that many of the fans (or at least the ones that comment) are either junk profiles, or perhaps paid to join our page and comment. Why else would they join both pages and make the same weird/random comment on both of our seperate fan pages?

  3. The fans don't interact, or seem interested at all. This is no big drama, as we expected this. We can't be exactly sure how find the fans, but you can be pretty sure that they're not joining your fan page because they are genuinely interested. So don't expect much out of the fans, it's really more about boosting numbers.

  4. We had some issues getting the fans in the promised amount of time. For our UK page we were told that we would get 2000 fans in 21 days. In fact it took several months to get that number of fans, and only after several emails and complaints that it was taking so long.

We have also conducted other experiments by paying people at to recommend our Facebook pages to their Facebook friends. We have tried this method around 5 times and unfortunately on all occasions the amount of fans we received were minimal.

The only service we have found that is worthwhile and guarantees country specific targeted fans is FanBullet. In fact, they are able to provide targeted fans based on location, and actually do deliver what they promise. Definitely worth it if you intend to buy Facebook fans:

Buy Facebook Fans

So what's our recommendation after all that, about purchasing Facebook fans?

Sometimes when you've started a new Facebook fan page, and you want some fan numbers to make it look more reputable, then you may wish to consider purchasing some fans. For example, you may feel that when someone visits your Facebook fan page, they are more likely to interact or join if they see 1000 fans instead of 3 fans.

But because purchased fans will never be as loyal as real fans, you should view them as just number builders (that is, just there to make your initial page look better). For that reason, you should source them as cheap as possible.

And you certainly shouldn't hope that purchased fans will interact with the same interest as real fans.

Comments (93)

Said this on 21/07/2010 At 03:57 pm

Yes Graeme, I'm also running a web based project and thought that social media would be great to do.  I used a fairly expensive process to encourage fans on board, and they certainly came on board, but at around $2 a fan, I'm not seeing them perform as well as I'd thought.  It's still early but I'm scratching my head about whether this is a great way to grow my business.  3 months from now I'll be able to say whether it was a fairly costly way to start a great business, or a too costly way to kick start a great big lump.

Said this on 15/11/2010 At 01:27 am

Dave, I think the biggest value of having a lot of fans on your page is psychological. When people see that your business has a lot of fans, they're psychologically predisposed to have more respect for you and that might increase conversions. It sounds silly, but I think thats just human nature. Thats where I think that services such as GetMorePopular are actually valuable.

Regarding the socialkik review, it is without question an outright scam. I am shocked that PayPal hasn't put them out of business. I paid 100 dollars for some fans as a test and didn't get any response and had to fight against them with Paypal to get my money back. :(

Said this on 04/08/2010 At 01:29 am

I think there is some merit to the fact that people might be more eager to join a facebook page if their are more people following. I have 88 for my business page and it is a nightmare to get more! I am considering a "pay for Friends" model to see if it works. Also, has there been any analysis on how Friends, fans, etc. effects SEO and website rankings. I cant imagine this is not a factor!

Said this on 04/08/2010 At 09:52 am
Hi Robert, within Facebook itself (ie. in it's own search engine), I'm sure that the number of fans has a big impact on where you rank in their results. The more fans you have, the higher you seem to rank. But that's only for Facebook search. Other search engine results (eg. Google) aren't affected by fan numbers as far as I know. But if having more fans means that your website link gets posted more often, then that will help your search engine rankings for sure.
Said this on 16/08/2010 At 12:00 pm
Hello Robert, we thought that by offering an inducement to people to sign up as fans and then recommend the page to all their facebook friends, we'd wind up with a bunch from the referrals.
The process cost us in the order of $2 per fan and we think in the long run that we'll be happy with that, from here we intend to grow the base by being interested in our clients and genuinely engaging with them, but it's a long road.
As a guide, fulfilling the offer was a drain on our time and we won't be doing it that way again, maybe putting a prize of the same value up by closing day, we'd only have had to spend the same money, but we'd have sent it in one envelope instead of 100.
It's still interesting to see how we make facebook worthwhile, give that we were already interested in the client, there's no extra time in a small business.
Said this on 09/08/2010 At 11:56 pm

its a pity i didnt do enough research to come across your post early.

similar experience for us:

10 days after we submitted our order for 2000 targetted fans
- no response from socialkik to our enquiries
- addition of 14 non targetted fans (not of the country we wanted).  we contacted them to check this, and as mentioned above no response.

our intention is also to boost numbers first, and monitor it if the fans could really be useful.  So it seems we were far too optimistic.

Said this on 13/08/2010 At 11:36 am

I paid for 1000 targeted fans.  I asked them twice if they could provide me fans that where from the USA and Interested in Real Estate and the said no problem.  Well all the fans I'm getting are from other countries and between the age of 18-25.   I have been emailing them everyday for the past week and no response.   This is a complete scam.  If anyone has had a goog experience with a company please share as I would like to hire a service that can deliver.  Thanks.

Said this on 19/08/2010 At 06:12 am

I read this post and comments before I purchased fans - I wasn't expecting much to say the least! However, I used GrowYourFans as they were the cheapest for 1,000 targeted fans. It took about 10 days but I recieved the full thousand fans, they all seem decent quality too. It is a bit of a cheat, and obviously not everyone will be interested in my page, but I recommend them @Lisle.

Said this on 04/03/2011 At 03:27 am

Hello.  I bought the bronze package from this site and wrote them an email immediately after paying.  No response.  Today is 24 hours later, and I just sent them another email.  Still no response.  Would you happen to have a different email adress for them aside from the one on their website?  Your help would be appreciated.  I am worried I have been scamed out of 80 dollars.

Said this on 26/08/2010 At 05:47 am

I started a campaign with them for very targeted fans for our market: US and Canadian hunters and people who fish.  So far, I've received almost nothing but fans from India, Pakistan, Burma and many other countries that I didn't target.  I have NOTHING against these fans and, of course, gladly welcome anyone from anywhere.  However, these are clearly not "interested" fans.  Nothing in their profile indicates any interest in our product demographics.  They are clearly spam accounts.
Socialkik is delivering new fans but they are NOT targeted.  I paid more for targeted fans.  These fans clearly fall under Socialkik's description of "non-targeted" fans.
I would not recommend Socialkik for buying new leads.  They do not care about their customers or delivering what was promised.

Said this on 27/08/2010 At 03:10 am

Interestingly, I've been informed that my campaign had not begun at the time of my previous posting.  We shall see if Socialkik delivers what was promised; I'll post a follow up after their campaign ends.

Said this on 17/09/2010 At 03:47 am

Placed my order with Socialkik for 1000 Twitter and 1000 Fb fans. The automated thanks email said, "we will start your campaign within 1-2 business days." Two days on, nothing - and no reply to my email asking when the campaign will start. So far, not so good. Will post back on progress.

Said this on 10/10/2010 At 12:18 am

OK, so I said I would give you an update on my order. Nothing was happening, and no direct communications from socialkik. All I got was the automated email when I changed my Twitter logon asking for the details. I currently have a dispute open on Paypal to get my money back. Disappointing. I recommend anyone here to use - way better service providers with good communications, and a lot cheaper! 

Said this on 05/10/2010 At 02:38 am

At the beggining of September I purchased 1000 targeted fans from Socialkik. I followed their instructions and emailed support letting them know when the payment had gone through. The very next day i recieved an email from them stating things were getting set up and the fans will start appearing within 3 days. Now a month later, and many emails and even a phone call or 2 later ( answerphone) still NO activity and NO fans other than myself and 3 friends.

I have now set the wheels in motion to get a refund via paypal and inform them that this seemingly is a scam.

I tried to log into socialkik with my details and shock horror, apparently they have no user with my details. So i registered again, and this time sent yet another support message complaining and also took time to post on their forum! you can read my thread here

providing its not been deleted yet!

Not happy at all, definately feel like ive been scammed!!!!!

Said this on 03/11/2010 At 05:46 pm

Hi, Usocial is a scam too. Just like SocialKik seems to be.

Mike Browb
Said this on 24/11/2010 At 03:15 am

I have tried 4 websites offering the same services as this one, but all of them failed to deliver what they advertised. Then, I tried my last one and was skeptical about this one too but I was able to talk to a representative on the phone and that gave me more confidence so I went ahead and ordered the gold package and more than what I ordered. I really recommend this company for facebook fan services.

Michael Schmidt
Said this on 22/04/2011 At 10:35 am

Strange that Mike Browb does not seem to exist on FB, considering that he forked out for a "gold package". Unfortunately some of the comments are written in such a way that I would suspect that they are promoting their own service.

Sam Cruise
Said this on 07/06/2011 At 03:49 am

@Michael: Woooh  :) Good One.

I'm still wondering is it a right idea to use facebook fan buying since it sounds to me like unethical, buying fans for your business. It's hard to really say how any of these fan buying companies get to these "so called" targetted people to like a particular page on fb. I tried fb ads and it cost me $1.5 approx for each like; but I am sure in this that the fans are loyal and will respond to any promotions or post that I do. 

I am confused who is promoting what here? and if I really want to use what is the right company

Kevin Hall
Said this on 03/12/2010 At 02:47 am

would just like to warn people about

They claim to be able to provide you with targeted Facebook Likes as part of your marketing strategy and claim a full refund if you are not satisfied.

I contracted them to get me targeted UK residents "likes", but I only received "likes" from US residents.

I requested a refund but they refused and stated that they were trying to target the UK and it wasn't their fault if only US people were "liking" my page.

They took payment for a service they could not provide and then were unwilling to accept that this was the case and refused a refund.

I strongly recommend avoiding this company and using an alternative.

Said this on 14/12/2010 At 01:52 pm

I used over 5 times already and every time they were very quick and delivered what i ordered. so im not sure what problem you ran into, but they've been good for me so far! in fact, i've recommended them to my friends and they haven't had any issues either.

Ripped Off
Said this on 16/03/2011 At 11:12 am

Our review of is that they are a scam, no results, no communication, no refund. Do not use they are fraudulent and nothing but lies.  They write fake reviews to flood out real opinions and experience such as ours and this post from "Jessie" is no duubt one of them.

Said this on 06/02/2011 At 06:06 am

I don't know Kevin. I tried GetMorePopular out for a few different businesses I'm running in different parts of the United States and they were always able to get me pretty targeted fans (more than 95% of the fans were from the US). Granted, I've never tried using them for a UK campaign, but they've always done the right thing for me. I would suspect that either there's more to the story than you're letting on, or you are an employee of a competing firm writing a nasty review on purpose. As somebody that's been burned by some companies using this tactic against my businesses, I always try to review companies that i had good experiences with.

Said this on 22/04/2011 At 10:48 am

Thanks for posting your experience, I was just looking into this company. I guess a telltale sign is that the website is one page, has a single phone number, and displays no physical address at all. It has a prominent warning on in their terms of use link (hard to notice at the bottom of the page) cancelling any program if staff gets abused. Well they must get abused a LOT then! I am starting to think that their is no easy and quick way. I use and pay for the FB advertising at around $100-150 a months, targeted towards people that are interested in beading and get around 10 - 20 real followers this way every month linking to . I know it is expensive but there are follow up sales and do hope that this will improve with better content and over time. Also consider google ads to promote your website (forget yahoo). The main tip is, you do the hard work don't leave it to others that say they will do it cheaply for you (mind you I have seen some expensive services that also don't deliver).

Said this on 16/12/2010 At 02:51 pm

SocialKik is an absolute scam. I read all the positive forum reviews and now believe (as someone else suggested above) that the positive referrals are posted by SocialKik themselves.
I paid for 1,000 FB Likes and a few days later, faceless Facebook fans with empty profiles and no profile image started appearing in the hundreds as Likes on our FB page. The looked immediately suspicious so I promptly deleted them. For weeks now, I have been deleting an influx of hundreds of fake IDs daily. Even worse, after making a complaint to SocialKik, the influx temporarily died down and I started receiving what seemed like legitimate Likes from real users, only to realise that some of the names doubled up exactly with different profile images but virtually identical profiles. In other words, within a preview of 6 or so Likes on our FB page, two full names were identical and total scams. Ridiculous! All of my supposedly real Facebook users happen to be from Austin, Texas and have EXACTLY the same taste in music. If you are going to fake FB IDs at least get creative about it so it seems legitimate. I complained and complained via email to SocialKik and requested that they STOP this process which was bound to do more harm than good to our reputation on FB. I totally regret using them. I thought the worst that might happen is that I might only get 50 genuine Likes despite their guarantee claims but this ongoing issue of fake IDs is WAY WORSE. It's like a virus I can't stop. I would have rather built a few hundred genuine FB Likes more slowly that waste time and money on this SCAM. Hilariously, after one of my complaints SocialKik claimed that they were limited in how they could help build my genuine user Likes without me granting them access as an administrator to my Facebook page. Can you believe it?? As if I'd grant these scammers administrator access!

Said this on 09/01/2011 At 12:22 am

I tried socialkik twice.  The first time I ordered 1000 targeted fans and had no difficulties and they seemed like actual humans that were joining my page.  So a few months later I ordered more and I made it so that my page would only accept US fans.  Well weeks went by with nothing.  I contacted socialkik and they informed me that their "marketing people" are usually in other countries and they could not access my page until I made it public to other countries as well.  When I did, I started to get more fans claiming to be from the US but are obviously not.  Many fans have the same profile pictures and their names are ridiculous.  Things like Light Bulb or I'll have a fan named Bob Smith and the next one is named Bill Smith and they have the same profile.  I sell products in the US and many of the fans I'm getting our international which makes it obvious they can't possibly be genuine fans.  I didn't expect interactive fans but I had at least hoped for ones that could pass as real ones.  I've emailed socialkik many times with no response.

Said this on 20/12/2010 At 10:37 am

Definitely try FanBullet. I know they are reputable and will deliver as promised. Getting a bunch of fans to boost your numbers gives you credibility, if nothing else.

Said this on 20/12/2010 At 04:08 pm

Graeme, I have found good too, used them a few times. Most of the other guys are simply taking people for a ride. Unfortunity it leaves a bad taste in people mouth about buying facebook fans.

Said this on 04/01/2011 At 08:08 am

Nice article. Well, maybe you'll want to try again, this time using more micro jobs sites not only fiverr


Thank you


Said this on 08/01/2011 At 10:48 pm

I am back to report on my latest findings. Just completed an order with Blumpo, really impressed. The delivered as promised. SocailKik was a waste of money as per my previous remarks. Blumpo got it right straight away. Highly Recommended.

jack d
Said this on 09/01/2011 At 05:13 am


I also speak from experience. I tried and I did receive what I ordered as far as number of fans goes. I think you have to have the expectation that what you are really buying is a number and not necessarily future clients/customers/contacts etc. You are making your "like" number higher, which in turn makes your site more "likable" for those "good fans" that you are really after. I know there are probably some scam sites out ther, is not one of them. He sent me a confirmation email after I placed my order, and received what more than the number of fans I actually ordered. This post isn't a plug for it is more just a heads up for those who are interested in purchasing fans, as long as you realize that you aren't going to get high quality fans, but you are increasing the liklihood of getting more "good fans" (by having a higher "like" number) than you won't feel like you were worked over by the site your purchase from.

Said this on 11/01/2011 At 03:31 pm

We tried socialkik out and they actually worked well despite the skepticism ive been reading about.  For all you people that say your targeted fans don't work the state that they can only provide targeted fans only from US and Canada.  Anyway we got fans starting to come in about 4 business days after the order and they are still in the process of being added, and at a good rate as well (100 in 5 hours).  

As for real users, I don't the majority are actual people, but more likely are just bots.  The fans are more to build credibility and encourage others to join rather than get actual customers, but for the price we think its worth it.  

Said this on 12/01/2011 At 07:25 am

I actually came upon this website after putting money into Socialkik as well. Reading through the comments, I identified with many of the complaints posted here. I took action and decided to give Blumpo a try after reading up and as of right now, they have not delivered my fans (not even 1). I've gotten a few emails with some excuses, but again promises seem empty. I hope they redeem themselves in the next day or two. I guess that's what I get for trying to buy fans, right?

Said this on 14/01/2011 At 07:31 am

I have never had any problems with Blumpo and must have used them 3 - 4 times now. It took awhile for the fans to come through initally but they did. I noticed that changed their delivery timesframes and I have heard on other forums that they are very popular and I think their resources get stretched. I am sure they will fix it up. The fans I got are really good.

Said this on 15/01/2011 At 05:32 am

I hope you are right, Jess. More time has passed and I still haven't seen an increase in fans.

Said this on 20/01/2011 At 08:58 pm

I think most people he are having problems because people are just looking at price and not a what quailty they are getting. Interesting to note too I have used a few fans services, usocail and Blumpo are really the only ones worth it. However they are both quite expensive, Blumpo sent me an email tonight that they had to raise prices and increase timeframes again. It seems that people are shifting away from "cheap" and want quality. There is not point buying a facebook fans page if the fans are not going to respond. Marketers also need to get away from the "if it works" mentality and know that my page has over 22K fans when I send a CPA offer I normally make $1500 on the first day. Sure I paid a bit for my fans but they have paid themselves back, well and truely. Facebook Marketing works you just have to be willing to invest in it, if you can't, rethink buying facebook fans because you might aswell throw your money away. Look really checkout the more expensive ones then look at the difference, it's obvious that the quality services won't offer a delivery timeframe of under 2 weeks because common sence knows "it's just not possible" without scripts etc. Next look at who they have worked with for example Blumpo have worked on campaign for FairFax Media (who are they? google them) and Usocail for many large sites. Biggest lession in Business, buy cheap (socail kik), get cheap (useless fans)!

The fact of the matter is, if you buy good fans, they will convert and make money. They may even pay for cost of getting the fans in a single post. It will all be worth it then.

Said this on 23/01/2011 At 05:14 am

Hey "GUY" who are you using how did you get to 22k fans with what legit service? 


Is everyone saying that its only a numbers game no real conversions will happen? Even if i use usocial, or



Said this on 24/01/2011 At 03:33 pm

No exactully sure what your gettting at, I used both usocail and blumpo for fans. I have also used FansBullet, SocailKik, Socail Promotionz, Getty Fans, Bulkfans all of which for various reasons I would not recommend. I must admitt that some joined naturally by themselves but it has taken 12 months to get that many fans. Mine convert at around 2- 3% depending on what it is. Yes, it also looks good to have 22K fans on your page for reputation but if you want to market something to them then you need them to be "active" and "ready to buy". Many Facebook Fans Services are simply supplying "inactive users or fake" users.

Said this on 04/08/2011 At 09:23 pm

Its a matter of fact that not evey guy can bring you 50,000 fans just like that. For that you have to pay. Whether you buy worldwide or targeted fans. You will surely get a good ROI.


Said this on 23/01/2011 At 10:10 am

Yeah, I'm lucky that I found They're prices are the lowest and they explain the process better about inviting real people. It's really hard to get cities and states, and if you can they're going to be really expensive.

Said this on 16/02/2011 At 03:40 pm

When I first heard of being able to buy fans for your Twitter and FB accounts I signed up because it was cheap and a quick way to boost numbers at the start. Of course I knew they were mining profiles, paying out a few pennies for every member who liked our fan page. Still, I was let down by how few signed up and the lack of communication post-sale. Luckily, Paypal tends to side with the customer. And our site deals with Roman coins and ancient history which isn't everyone's cup of tea but at least it should be of marginal interest to most people (as opposed to, say, an unsigned garage band or a flower shop in dubuque!).

I'd say your money is better invested in getting targeted ads from Google --- or even Facebook itself.

Said this on 03/03/2011 At 01:28 pm

Interesting post here, I have heard similar reviews about Socialkik. I think it all depends on what your facebook page is trying to promote. For a local "bar band" for example, this service would not be worth it. But for an ecommerce site or a B2B service, it could certainly be useful. If nothing else, consumers tend to trust sites with more fans than not.

In my experience I have found that offers the best service. Their "targeted" fans are actually targeted (whether in USA or not), and they seem to have pretty good turnaround time compared to others. Either way, best of luck to all of you!

George O'neil
Said this on 04/03/2011 At 05:24 am

I am very satisfied with the work done by Although their prices are not the lowest, I really recommend them because at least they get the job done just how you want it. This company even provides a phone number for you to call if you are in doubt of something so definitely try it out.

Said this on 16/03/2011 At 11:14 am

Do NOT USE they don't give any results, they lie about giving refunds. I've lost over $1000, and in my opinion they are a scam.  I couldn't find bad reviews about them when I looked before I went with them, only to realise now that they flood every place they can find with false positive reviews. They try to put you off, promising refunds that never come - I am writing this to hope that other people don't loose money to them like I did.

Said this on 20/03/2011 At 09:42 am

I have ordered serveral services through Socialkik in the past and had good service.  This was around 6 months ago.  The last 3 months they have fallen off the planet??  I have 12 orders that are in a pending status over the past 2 months.  I have submitted trouble ticket after trouble ticket with no response.  I'm now going to have to go through PayPal to dispute all of these transactions as Socialkik won't reply to any of my emails.  I've talked with several other business associates in the Social Media arena and they all say that Socialkik is probably shutting down shop since they are not responding to anybody.  Stay clear of Socialkik if you want to keep your money and save some heart ache, I wish I did.

Said this on 24/03/2011 At 10:38 pm

GetMorePopular are total scam artists. When I asked them why the page we ordered for was getting no fans, their reps told me it could take over 6 months to complete my order. After our site gained less than 200 fans in a 2 week period (we are assuming largely due to our own local PR efforts), I asked them for a refund. They told me to get bent.

DO NOT work with, it is a scam. You can't really buy Facebook fans, most services that promise as much are simply takign advantage of an easy way to steal peoples money and run.

Said this on 28/03/2011 At 05:23 pm

Hey Guys, Feedback on gettyfans and buymorelikes. Both services delivered as promised and on time. However dont expect great customer service... they both lack in that department... took about 2 weeks for buymorelikes to respond and gettyfans never got back to me at all!

Said this on 31/03/2011 At 11:02 pm

we run several business and have been in business for 30 years this year. We stay on top of trends and technology but the sure way to grow is slow and steady. Asking customers and business contact to like our page, asking for help to share the word to people who are actually interested in the product or service the business offers is the best way. Having all sorts of random people following a page about something specific doesn't make any sense!

Said this on 01/04/2011 At 12:37 am

go to and look up user: jstme


200 fans for $5

Said this on 13/04/2011 At 08:53 am

I'm glad I found this post.  I was considering hiring GetMorePopular for my web analytics site, but now I'm leaning towards researching blumpo further. Not even so much for the numbers, but I thought it would provide a nice word of mouth. One person like it, others see it, yada yada. I thought for something that's free, going social might be a good strategy. But seeing as how they aren't real users, it kind of defeats the purpose. I may have to do it the slow painful way. 

Said this on 20/04/2011 At 04:41 pm

Yes, I have paid for Facebook fans, I used 2 different ppl on Fivver, learned the same lesson with targeted fans. Targeted fans mean you are the Target, paying for the same Fans at a higher rate, fortunately on Fivver the loss is $5.00 as compared to $69 and $119 we see all over the web.

However, I did get immediate service from the 2 ppl I used and successfully added 1500 fans over a weekend on the launch of a new website.

My example of "Targeted" maybe the worst though, the new site was a Baseball site, and of course I now have 250 FB fans from the Asia Pacific who regard Cricket as baseball. :(

I also noticed after a week, the number of Fans was dropping by 10 per week. 

My other experiment w/paying for fans was a simple FB Ad at a $1.00 per day, it actually converts consistently to 2 REAL fans per day.

Said this on 27/04/2011 At 07:18 pm

Hi, anyone have experience with Thank you very much.

former client
Said this on 21/05/2012 At 09:37 am
I paid around $500+ to social sourcer dot com and have still have not heard back about my purchase after they promised to deliver much sooner. They promised to deliver 50k youtube views (within 4-7 business days..already a few weeks passed that), 1500 linked-in connections, and 60k web visits but i still have not heard from them. It’s already been about three weeks. I asked for a refund twice but they still have not returned my messages and have no phone number listed that i can find at this time. I do not recommend social sourcer dot com and strongly urge buyers to beware.
Abhishek Modi
Said this on 03/05/2011 At 03:38 am

hey People,

Some really pissed of people. But no worries guys all your problem is solved. How? me. See guys, I have been providing Fans for some high quality websites that you may or might not have tried. I don't know about that. But I am the sorta guy who works behind the scene, the guy actually doing the hard task.


My rates are not what websites advertise. They are way way more cheaper. I am easier to reach and what I provide is something out of the blue and extraordinary.. I have been providing Country targeted fans for a while now. I have everything set up and dealing with more than 100+ pages a day with more than 85% success rate.


What I notice is the communication and customer service that the website lack in. I can pretty easily cover all that. I am avaiable on skype most of the whole day.


Getting to the point, I can provide US, UK, AU, Canada fans @ cheap rates. I can also provide world fans. The starting rate for 1000 US fans os only 35$. YES!!!! Only 35$.

If you guys really are looking for a reliable facebook fan supplier or reseller then I am the guy you want to be talking to. How can you reach me ??

My skype ID: belikethat.513



I don't have a website to boast around. I have my work that will say all about me. So guys hit me up now. :) Add fans to your page at cheap rates.

Said this on 05/05/2011 At 05:56 am

I love your blog Graeme good work. I just wanted to add, seeming that so many people are having trouble with fans services that the only one that our company has had a good experience is Blumpo. Whenever a client asks for fans we go no where else. There as so many scammers I really hope that people did judge the good suppliers, like Blumpo.

Said this on 23/05/2011 At 02:31 pm

I originally tried SocialKik to promote my Celebrity related comedy blog, and I was disappointed because no emails I sent were responded to whatsoever. I sent at least 4 of them. Luckily they actually did deliver the fans- although it was 3 weeks late.  The next time I went for round 2 I tried I immediately liked the site because I was able to chat with one of their agents right there as I placed the order. The fans were about the same quality as before, (decent) but at least it was done on time and these guys actually care about customer service. 

Connor Wilson
Said this on 24/05/2011 At 10:55 am

Buying Facebook fans is a new concept so eveyone doesn't really understand it. When you buy Facebook fans (usually) it is outsourced to somewhere else. On many sites buying Facebook fans is legitimate, and bring you real fans. Make sure to be careful and check out the website. There are many sites that do well, but every once-in-a-while there are sites that use "black hat" methods. 


Hope this helps!

Said this on 25/05/2011 At 01:29 am

You know what,I just bought 8,000 facebook fans from
I bought it on 13/4 and they get the job done on 28/4.
I was quite surprised with the result.I get more than what I ordered,I received 8700fans,over delivered 700 extra fans to my fanpage.
Also, is also providing twitter followers.I did the survey and found out that this is the only site that offering the cheapest rate.I bought 10,000 followers for only $80+.
I would give them 5 STAR ★★★★★ for their service and quality they delivered!

Said this on 26/05/2011 At 08:52 am

Buying Facebook fans is a growing business, and as such a lot of scams are growing with it. I have spend countless hours building a "Real" network of people who participate in mine. With that said, it's a slow process, but the results are great. Real people who will participate if they really like your group. Not to mention the fact that when a post from your page shows up on someones newfeed, the potential for new fans is limitless. Especially if the one fan has the average of 300-400 friends.

Now why do people buy fans and is it really worth it?

Yes. For the potential exposure to so many people it is really worth it. Even for people who don't join your page, they will see your name and that goes a long way to branding for a later date.

The main reason people buy fans (Aside from Ego) can be put like this. Ever went to a party only to find nobody there? Makes you want to leave right? But, if someone, anyone is preent are more inclined to stay. Now apply that to facebook pages, blogs (With a Facebook Like Button), videos, anything with a like button. See the point?

With all that said, I offer the service at an affordable rate. Real people, no dupes and targeted US and Canadian Fans only. How much and how many? Currently (As of this date) I offer 60 real fans or likes for $3.50. Affordable, reliable, and I can prove the fan count (Message me for details how).

Anyone interested in trying out my service can E-Mail me, and I can provide references. But really. At a profit of the whopping $3.50, I rely on repeat business, not a dumb little scam.

Message me if interested, I also provide other social promotions such as DIGG and web design.


Said this on 02/06/2011 At 01:54 am

Another victim of the getmorepopular scam, unfortunately by the time I realized what had happened they folded. At least nobody else will be hoodwinked of by them again. I have contacted some of the people/companies mentioned in this post, I am sure a few of them are also rip off artists. At this point my strategy is to go for small orders at low prices until I can find a vendor I can trust. I am still open to recommendations for legitimate vendors. I do not need customers just US only faces.

Said this on 08/06/2011 At 07:56 am

Hello guys,

After reading all your comments, I feel some are confused about how companies like mine obtain the fans for our customers. First, let me begin by saying that  there is no way one can target a specific niche for a product or services. There is no way of targeting to a specific region either. The only way you target is by language speaking countries. ex USA, Canada, Uk, etc... Now, the way this is done is having established websites that have fans interested in something for free and willing to "like" a page to receive that. Another way is to suggesting fans of very popular pages to like your page as well. Keep in mind, not all will like but, the ones that do, are genuinely interested in "liking" your page and are not forced to do so.  I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or visit my site

Said this on 09/06/2011 At 04:47 pm


Facebook is where many people gather

million peoples around the world have a facebook account.

facebook is currently ranked number one for sites with the highest traffic. So if our business websites participating in the facebook, surely the chance to get visitors will be even greater.

Said this on 13/06/2011 At 11:57 am

Personally i don't believe in buying fans...

They are mostly fake and get you it isn't cheap!

Said this on 16/06/2011 At 12:10 am

I've checked for targeted facebook fans, just a word = Great !!! low prices, very quickly & real fans.

Said this on 19/06/2011 At 07:16 am

Hi Mark:


Thanks for posting this and thanks to all who commented. Very helpful. I am running a FB page for my band who is signed to an indie label and know that the number of likes and fans is an important metric for getting gigs.  We're really pushing social media hard as we approach record release date later this year. 

I have not yet purchased fans, but probably will at some point.  We have had success with Facebook tareted ads we did ourselves, resulting in real fans. Our most recent campaigns resulted in 200 new fans in two weeks and they're real fans.  And we respond with a personal thank you FB note to each fan which results in engaging many of them.

I wonder what would happen when we respond personally to each new fan that is "bought" through one of these services... probably nothing, but maybe a few of them become engaged.



Dance Hall Pimps

Said this on 23/06/2011 At 02:53 pm

I have been burned so many times by FB Fans providers and if it wasn't for this fact I never would have came across this post or wanted to comment. Yes, I am a SocailKik victim because they seemed to have a good website, a brand etc etc put there is always exception.

All you guys looking for fans services that are legit. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the the best fans services are based on their brand. Stay away from the services on dodgy domains and websites. just smells of dodge and will make it hard to find investigate their reputation. They are purely trying to get Google ranking and not building a brand. If you Google "buy facebook fans" look at the domains, go down the results pages until you find the ones that have branded domains usocail,, etc Without a branded domains finding this review would be impossible, at least you have some protection.

I have used Blumpo and found them great, I did my reasearch and I could only find good honest reviews about them. Because you can google their name you can find out all about them, try to do that with those spammy websites. People are mentioning them on the forums and for good reason. They respond within minutes or hours to your emails. I think this has already been mentioned but it took me about a half hour to read all the comments and cannot remember; Those that complain about price, you get what you pay for, pay for crap and get crap.




Said this on 28/06/2011 At 01:30 am

When purchasing anything for my business I try to my homework.  I also like to ask questions to see how the response time is and what the answers are.  I am able to get a good idea of how a company conducts business by going through this process.  

I contacted SocialKik about a week ago.  They sent me an automated email that they received my questions however never answered them.  I had to create an account to view my questions and today when I logged in the questions were not only un-answered but were deleted from their system.  From my experience and the comments that I have read here I would not recommend doing any business with SocialKik.

Said this on 20/07/2011 At 03:02 am

BEWARE! SOCIALKIK IS A SCAM. I purchased 1000 targetted Facebook fans and 1000 targetted Twitter followers. They delivered my Facebook order promptly, altho I suspect all the fans were bots. But I got absolutely nothing for my Twitter order. My support requests were only answered within the first week, claiming my campaign was "processing". But now eight weeks later, after the PayPal dispute window has closed they don't reply at all to my requests. Apparently they are going out of business? What a waste of time and money! Stay away from Socialkik!

Said this on 20/07/2011 At 03:07 pm

Keep hearing great things about FanBullet.

Said this on 20/07/2011 At 06:29 pm

I bought service for 3000 targetted twitter fans. They delivered only 120 in 7 weeks & that too not targetted. They are fraud.

Said this on 31/07/2011 At 12:51 pm

So I used GetMorePopular first week of July to try them out. Bought the 100 likes package... and within a week... slightly over 100 were delivered... a week after... all gone!

Said this on 07/08/2011 At 07:59 pm

I've tried Their prices was high, their presales questions was answered but takes a while to answer you. Slow response, poor customer service. Even though they have live chat but does not mean they are always online. could be offline for days, send email no reply.. waited 1wk with no fans.. better avoid them.

Said this on 07/08/2011 At 08:11 pm

This guy who posted here promoting his services - bhishek Modi ( uses clickjack method to get fans. Have bought from him before in forum. The fans i get spammed on my walls with many *f* wordings for clickjacking him. If you do not want to ruin your business, do not use his service.



Said this on 12/08/2011 At 11:02 am

Hey guys, I tried, and I would recommend them. I think with all of these sites you are going to get fans that aren't that super interested in your page, but at least you get fans. That was all I was looking for. I just wanted to get my number up and this site did it for me.



Said this on 15/08/2011 At 05:58 am

Hey, if your interested, I run a Facebook Likes/Fan page marketing service, I guarantee you we can do a better job than those guys. It's one of the reason I started the company, the website is If you would like a coupon for one of our packages (I'll give you any of the 500 packages for free). I'm sorry you got ripped off, not all of us are snake-oil salesmen :-/. 

If you needed Australian Likes, we would have delivered Australian likes, and within 24 hours. Let me know if you're interested. 

Said this on 14/05/2012 At 12:00 am

It seems  like a lot of scammers  in here,  making  recommendations  of their own  sites.

Some don't have links from thier names.  "Andy" @ creamy  says he has a coupon and doesnt offer and his contact is


Hard to trust the folks  who say they are good.  It is easier to  believe  the reviews  who say  stay away.




Said this on 20/08/2011 At 10:58 am

Well absolutely,i tried buying facebook fans from and I would say theya re awesome...delivered on time as promised....highly recommend them

Said this on 26/08/2011 At 03:40 am

I have purchased facebook fans from social kik before and i started getting fans within 2 days. Delivery time is bit slow but you get what you paid for. I would not recommend them to people looking to get fans quickly. 

Said this on 27/08/2011 At 11:31 pm

Facebook is really one of the best social networks where you can promote your business. And why not to use such great tool?

Said this on 28/08/2011 At 08:29 am

I used SocialFanZone and Fiverr.  Both delivered, but they are not quality fans.  Also, they start "unliking" you just a few days after the order is complete.  So one day you have 899, the next 882.  

Anyone know a service that advertises it's renention rate?

Kenny Novac
Said this on 14/05/2012 At 11:39 am

Buying Facebook likes has to be one of the most valuable investments for a webmaster to make. It helps improve a first impressions with users, drives traffic, and it establishes rank among the other websites in the same niche.

Said this on 25/05/2012 At 11:32 pm
It does work. Over 1500 new fans in under 3 months with a monthly plan!
Said this on 24/06/2012 At 12:37 pm
I purchased 200 fans on eBay once and I was delivered the fans, as promised. But I did notice that after about two months, some of the "fake fans" started either un-liking my page or deleting their profile. It is good for boosting numbers,but that's about it.
Said this on 03/07/2012 At 06:46 am
I recently purchased 1000 USA targeted "fans" from They appear to be a total Scam! Although they advertise a 100% Guarantee, they do not respond to email complaints.

What I received was a 1000 "glamour photos" of women with anglo names, but Asian addresses.
Most of them had identical interests, and no other Facebook "friends".

Completely Fake Profiles!
Said this on 03/08/2012 At 07:50 pm
I used after a friend referred them. I brought 500 UK fans and was pleasantly surprised. All real fans and a few of them have interacted on my page. Highly recommended.
Said this on 09/08/2012 At 09:24 am
You are kidding about right? They are a scam, offer no customer support and apart from this blog, populated with blumpo employees and staff, they are universally despised.

Paypal offered me an immediate refund which I received less that 2 hours after complaining...they are on their list of rouge sites. They claim to have affiliation they do not, there is not contact details on their site, they do not respond at all and despite "pretending" to be a legitimate company...they are not... you have been warned,
Said this on 09/08/2012 At 09:38 am
sounds like you didn't have a good experience with Blumpo Duncan! I was just researching their feedback on the net though and couldn't find anything to support that they are "universally despised"... In fact I found this page - - which has 216 user reviews and they're overall extremely positive. i guess no business has a 100% track record tho...
Jim Zamichieli
Said this on 17/08/2012 At 10:30 am
@Mark - A rule of thumb I use when researching any company or service is to google "[company/product] scam." If you research this company using my suggestion you'll see their company isn't so pure and wholesome.

The other thing to consider is: who owns The domain is registered privately, but it's owned by someone in Australia. Guess what other company is run from Australia? If I were to start "Company X" offering a niche service that had the potential to get flamed by: (a) unhappy customers; or (b) unethical competitors, what I would do is start a second website that has no apparent connection to my "Company X" business. What would the purpose of this other website I've created? It would provide reviews of all companies that provide the same service as "Company X" does. And on this review site (for which I own or control), should "Company X" be highly rated, lucky me.

That's just my 2 cents (1.45 cents after taxes).
Said this on 09/08/2012 At 10:09 am
I just use its free and you get real likes.
Said this on 09/09/2012 At 08:00 am
Said this on 09/08/2012 At 10:09 am
I just use its free and you get real likes."

First of all Cale is connected to More likely the owner. Secondly, the service is slow, even at 500cpc and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Although I must admit he (or she) tried to make up for it by awarding 2000 coins; it didn't help because just today I tried to download a manual offered which "cost" 5000 coins. My balance was reduced by 5000 BUT no manual and no reply to the situation. And this occurred right after it was suggested by customer service that I purchase a premium package to up the ante to 600cpc! I will keep everyone posted. You can take a look for yourself.
Said this on 09/09/2012 At 11:46 am
BTW, the name is not a keyword. It's the name of my account with
This way there's an actual account name anyone can reference and they can't deny the existence of the problem.
I do believe the company is trying to 'relieve" me of 8411 coins. Again, I will keep everyone posted.
Said this on 17/08/2012 At 02:22 am
Buying Facebook Fans is extremely important for businesses. It's a great way to increase the amount of attention a new company receives, as well as make weary customers more likely to use their services. When someone comes to a new business website they have never heard of before, its comforting to see that it has many fans. As long as the service is legitimate, there's nothing to worry about.
Said this on 17/08/2012 At 03:25 am
In the interest of full disclosure, I think you should mention in your review that you get paid every time someone clicks on the Blumpo logo and signs up (AKA affiliate marketing). This is not to say your review isn't unbiased, but readers should know you make money off of this review. Also, it looks like Blumpo is facing the issue that so many of these companies are encountering -- Facebook cracking down on bogus accounts. Blumpo is not currently taking any new orders.
mark white
Said this on 15/09/2012 At 01:10 pm
I've been looking for a place to buy Facebook Fans also, but I

didn't come across these guys. I did a google search and

clicked on one of the ads on the side of the results, and came

I bought 2,500 likes from them yesterday, and so far I've

gotten a good 2,800 Fans! Yeah I only bought 2,500 fans.

I would recommend them

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