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Why Should You Get a Google Fax Number

With today’s technological advances, it is becoming easier to receive and send information through various telecommunication devices. Cellular technology allows cell phone users to communicate with other users around the world. In the past, the use of fax usually involved the purchase of a fax machine. As a result, business people who could not afford to buy and pay for a fax machine were disadvantaged. After all, they could not get the information they wanted quickly because they had to wait. Having a Google fax service account is easily accomplished in minutes. You have to create a Gmail account, contact an online fax company, write an email, and then link your Gmail account quantity.


sending message communicateOne of the most important aspects to consider when using online fax solutions is speed. Whenever you send or receive a fax, the critical concept is network speed. Compared to the usual method of sending faxes, it cannot be said that sending and receiving a fax is more straightforward and more uncomplicated. It is very likely that if the machine breaks down, the sending practice will slow down, and it may even take time for your recipient to receive your fax.

Access From Anywhere

There is no doubt that most things today are easy to use and manipulate. In old computers, many men and women who wanted to send fax did not have access to these devices. To send a fax, you had to go into town where you could find a fax machine. But today, with a Google fax number, you can send and receive your fax from your smartphone or even from a PC.

Extra Space

clean desk spaciousIf you still have the old-fashioned fax machine in use, you need to switch to this new technology to feel the positive aspects. Fax machines are bulky, and they can take up a lot of space. With this technology, you will never experience such a thing. You can save up space for other important matters.


All you need is your fax number and a secure online connection. This will allow you to communicate at any time and from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to worry about fax system maintenance because this is not a problem.

Final Thoughts

Internet fax service is the first choice for small and large businesses because it is affordable. In addition to the Google fax number, you don’t have to worry about buying a new fax system, and you don’t have to pay for it. Another advantage is that you can send and receive messages instantly.

The Basic Drone Terminology That Every Beginner Drone Pilot Must Know

By the time you are reading this, you probably own a drone already. And if you do, you may have realized that flying a drone is very different from controlling the conventional RC planes and copters. If you haven’t bought your drone yet, then it is fine. You will get to know the basics before you can fly a drone properly, anyway. 

In this article, we’ll start at the very first step of drone proficiency, learning the terminology. We’ll discuss FPV, controller’s parts, flight modes, and maneuvers.

FPV (First Person View)

Not all RC helicopters and airplanes are equipped with FPV technology, but I believe I can’t find quadcopter drones that don’t have the FPV feature included. In fact, flying fpv at night has become the newest cool thing you can do with drones.  

And as the name suggests, drones with FPV allow you to fly them as if you were inside. They have a small camera mounted on the front side, and it is connected to a headgear. You can see what the drone sees by using that headgear. 

The Controller/Transmitter Parts

Drone controllers’ parts are more or less similar to the traditional RC controllers. The controller consists of sticks (left and right), trim buttons (power trim, elevator trim, aileron trim, and rudder trim), flaperon, and gyro switch. From this list, the trim buttons are probably the ones that confuse you. They function exactly as they are named, which is to trim certain controls when the drone is not balanced mid-air. Watch this video to learn more: 

Flight Modes

There are three flight modes of a drone:

a video droneManual- When you throttle your drone forward, it won’t auto-level itself, and the control becomes manual. You’ll know this because the drone will still be tilted even if you let go of the stick. 

Attitude (Auto-Level)– If you center both sticks, your drone will level itself automatically. 

GPS Hold– Just like the older tech of return stick, GPS hold commands your drone to return to a certain point set on your GPS after some maneuvers. 

The Maneuvers

Maneuvers are essential to your drone piloting skills, especially if you want to capture aerial footage. There are many possible maneuvers, but here, we’ll discuss only the most common three. 

drone shotFirst, there is the drone reveal shot. The key to a successful drone-reveal shot is to be steady with your hands while flying the drone to approach the target view. Then you fly past it and reveal the background scene. 

Second, you must know how to do a tracking shot. For this, the skills needed are not difficult, but they can be tricky. You must be able to track a moving object (can be a car, bike, or a motorbike) by flying in parallel to it. Your speed must be constant, or the shot will not be good. 

Third, you have to learn the orbiting maneuver. The basic idea is to move around an object in an orbital direction. Steady speed and angle are the keys here. This maneuver is best if you want to take video footage of a person surrounded by majestic scenery. 

Three Tech Tips to Open a Successful Vape Shop

Vaping has become the trend of the 21st century. The industry has been thriving than ever, and according to BBC’s report in May 2018, vaping worldwide is valued $22.6 billion and is increasing. Getting involved in the trade will be undoubtedly profitable.

However, there are many e-commerce platforms, price ranges, tech development, and political policies that may either support or hinder your business intent. Here, we will specifically discuss three tech tips that can help you to open a successful vape shop.

Wholesaling vs. Drop-Shipping

disassembled atomizerIn the retail business, you have two primary options: wholesaling or dropshipping. If you want to be a wholesaler, you must have a warehouse to store your supply. You will also need to allocate your budget to maintain your unsold goods. Otherwise, their quality can degrade and decrease their value.

If you dropship, you act as a third person who focuses on finding the end-users. You are not burdened with the need to store the goods and keep their condition. However, your challenge will be to get a proper drop shipping platform that can get you ahead of your competitors.

Vapors have many marketable parts. You can sell the cartridges, e-liquids, atomizers, mods, and cleaning tools. Before the legalization of marijuana, tobacco was the primary base for all of the e-liquids. For example, Nicxium: Liquid Nicotine Wholesale – Unflavored USP Nicotine Bases will be the best item for your vape shop.

Understanding the Payment Getaways

credit card and a phoneInternational transactions are best to be handled through a payment gateway. This platform offers excellent security for both sellers and buyers because they do not need to know about each other’s sensitive information. A payment gateway acts as police that watches over the digital trade.

Furthermore, banks will charge you a big sum of toll money for inter-currency transfers. Using payment gateways is the best option for all e-commerce practitioners. Here are the best platforms in 2018: Authorize.Net, PayPal, Secure Pay, 2Checkout, First Data Corporation, and Pay Simple.

Getting Accustomed to Using Gadgets

smartphone for businessA successful e-commerce shop owner must be fluent in using gadgets since they are the primary communication tools with the customers. If a customer fails to contact a shop, the chances are that he/she will not try twice. Most customers prefer to deal with shops who are contactable, responsive, and reactive.

You need to have at least three gadgets: a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet. They all need to work flawlessly because stutters and lags may sabotage your negotiation during an important deal. Besides, high-quality gadgets will significantly boost your morale.

Uses of a tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is not like the traditional flashlight. This is a flashlight that is meant for use in hostile environments. A tactical flashlight is mostly used by the military and people who love hiking and spending time in the wild. One of the features that distinguish a tactical flashlight from other types of flashlights is the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Ideally, it is recommended for every household to own a tactical flashlight. Look at your favourite tactical flashlights on the market before making a choice. You can never know when disaster will strike and require you to have another source of light apart from the normal flashlight.

Tactical flashlight uses

Spot threats in low light areas

If you are in low light areas and you want to identify possible threats, then you should consider carrying your tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight offers brightness that you might not get in other types of flashlights. This will enable you to spot possible threats early enough and help you deal with the problem. With the standard flashlight, it might be impossible because they tend to become dim in some areas. A tactical flashlight can never disappoint you when you need it most.


Temporarily blind attackers

One of the main benefits of a tactical flashlight is the fact that it can be used for self-defense. Like you probably know, a flashlight is brighter than the regular flashlight, and the brightness has its advantages. For instance, if you spot your threat, you can use the bright light to temporarily distract their view. This will give you time to look for a plan to escape or deal with the attacker.

flashlight  and phone

Use as a weapon

A flashlight can be used as a weapon especially when in hostile environments. The fact that it can be used as a weapon it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be used to attack others. This means that it can be used in cases where you need to simplify tasks. For instance, most of the flashlights are made using a strong external body. The strong body of the flashlight can be used to break into windows and gain access in case of emergency. There are also some flashlights that are made with small knives and razors for cutting.

Why Buy a Designer Phone Case?

A phone case is a very important accessory to your phone. It protects your phone from dust, water and also in the case of a fall. There are many phone cases available in the market, but you can choose to create your owner designer phone case from phone case designers. A designer phone case is specifically made to fit your personal taste and preference.

Advantages of a designer phone case

Unique look

A designer phone case is always made to look as you phone case want. This means that it is made personally for you, and you can’t find any other copies out there. For people who always crave for uniqueness, the best way to do this is by buying a designer phone case.

This will always make you stand out in a crowd. In the market, we have many iPhone but the only way to stand out from the many iPhone owners is to get your unique case. This will make you appear unique from the many people who have a similar phone.

Personality and style

One of the ways of representing your personal style and preference is by getting a designer phone case or cover. When it comes to a designer phone case, you incorporate what is dear to you into the style of your phone cover.

If you’re the type of person who loves music, then you have the chance to get a designer phone cover with your guitar printed on it. If you love sports, you can get a phone case with your favorite team on it. Everyone who sees your phone cover will understand the kind of person that you are.

Choose the material and style

Like you alrcute  phone caseeady know, once you choose to go for a designer item, everything is custom made to suit your needs. All you have to do is mention it, and it will be done. When it comes to phone cases, there are different types of fabrics and materials to choose from.

The common materials for phone cases are mainly silicon and leather. With a designer phone case, you can experiment and go for other types of phone case materials.

Additional protection

The main role of every phone case is to protect your phone from dust and also fall. With a designer phone case, you can include additional features to make sure that your phone is protected well. It all comes down to your creativity plus the creativity of your phone case designer.

Benefits of having a reverse camera in your car

A reverse camera on your dashboard is the best car accessory that you can own. It will make your like simple in more ways than you can imagine. If you are a new driver, then an in car reverse camera is important for you. Reversing is usually a problem for most people especially if you don’t have someone to direct you on how to go about it. With a reverse camera, you can avoid hitting the pavement walls or other cars when reversing from the parking bay. To make your driving experience fun, invest in a good reverse camera.

Advantages of a car reverse camera

Avoid car damage

It is not every time that you will get someone to direct you when you are driving. Sometimephones there are chances of hitting a wall or the pavement barrier when reversing. You have to keep checking the back when reversing. If you are not careful, then you might hit something and damage the bumper of your car. This means you will have many dents in your car and you might need to keep repainting your car. To avoid all these problems, look for a good reverse camera. The camera will help you see clearly, and you make sure that you don’t hit anything unaware.

Save on cost

You will spend some money buying the reverse camera, but it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. With a reverse camera, you don’t have to incur cost repairing or repainting your car due to damage. If you install a reverse camera in your car, you will also save money incurred in insurance. You can always negotiate on insurance premiums because a reverse camera will reduce the likelihood of accidents and this is a plus when looking for an insurance rate.

 reverse camera

Better driving experience

A reverse camera gives you a better driving experience. You will drive knowing that you are aware of everything that is happening at the back. When it comes to reverse parking, you will be confident enough knowing that you know where you are parking your car. If you want to drive comfortably, then make sure that you buy a reverse camera to enhance your driving experience.

Best tips when designing an ecommerce website

E-commerce websites are created to achieve a commercial purpose. With thousands of websites popping up regularly, there is most likely competition for customers as well as better positioning in the search engines is high in the World Wide Web. With a specific end goal to maintain a successful online business, it is given that your e-commerce website must be both search motor and human neighborly. As such, you need to figure out how you can make your website exceptional in the eyes of your customers as well as the search engines. What’s more, this is where e-commerce website solution comes in.

Best tips

Have the latest trends

mailsOnline business websites need to make their consumer’s specialty to spend quality time on various pages that are available on the website, and this requires website specialists to adopt various latest design trends to accomplish this process. The latest strategies that should be considered when designing online business websites incorporate precise titles.

Make it compatible

E-commerce websites should have the capacity to pass through portable optimization as more and more individuals are turning towards smartphones and tablet devices, instead of desktop computers and laptops; this is possible through frameworks such as jQuery versatile.

Use current innovation

Designing a website by including rounded corners, smooth gradients and drop shadows, using the latest HTML and CSS versions won’t just increase the site speed, yet will also make the website sufficiently compatible on modern web browsers.

Have sharing links

Social systems administration integration in web based business websites will help blast up online businesses to a greater degree; with sharing and recommending functionalities in an e-business will increase the business’ up-selling opportunities of products and services.

Make it easy to use

You have attracted customers to your website, and they have decided to purchase your products. The following step is to make it easy for them to pay for their purchase. Keep in mind, the easier you make your checkout process, the greater your browser to purchase ratio will be. Once more, you can’t afford to lose customers just because they can’t figure out how to pay for your products. As you make your checkout process simple, it is similarly important that you keep your customer data safe and secure. This is where an SSL certification for your eCommerce website comes in.


cartE-commerce websites are designed with the essential objective of selling products and services online. Subsequently, it is important that you remember both the search motor and customers while designing this sort of website. With a professionally designed web based business website solution, you will certainly pull in customers and maintain a profitable online business.

Benefits of Using Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) management software system

S&W Technologies helps their clients to reduce workplace fatalities and injuries. They have been in the business for more than two decades. Therefore, they have enough knowledge and expertise in Industrial health and safety management software and other software. They create high-performance, user-friendly programs that increase operational efficiencies.

Their Behavior Based Safety (BBS) management digital program is made to simplify safety processes. Without any doubt, Industrial health and safety management software are beneficial to any business.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) machessnagement digital program
Indeed, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the available information regarding digital risk mitigation systems. However, integrating a BBS based software program and an app will significantly improve an individual`s EHS and OHS processes.

For sure, there are several ways in which BBS management software systems can improve an individual`s business. It is crucial for any business company to have a five-star EHS compliance program. The system keeps workers safe and reduces fatalities and injuries within a business.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) management
improving an individual`s business

1. Reduces the frequency rate of workplace injury

Using a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) health & safety digital system will truly help to lessen the occurrence of injuries in a workplace. Therefore, all business men should save their time by using a program that includes checklists, which help to keep observations and inspections on track.

2. It increases employee job satisfaction

EHS and OHS should be a priority in every business. Admittedly, implementing overall job procedures will boost overall work satisfaction for workers. All staff members will feel happy, especially when coming to the job.

This is paramount since it will increase the productivity of the business and overall output. For sure, the levels of employees’ engagement will soar because they will realize that their employer cares about their safety.

3. It reduces expenses from injury insurance payouts

Implementing a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) organization just like Guardian will lead to a reduction in injury payouts. The reason is that workers will be spending less time out of the job. This results in a reduction in staff turnover. Besides, less time and money is spent on micro-managing incidents.

4. Legal requiresearchingments

Ensuring that all workers are safe in the workplace and providing a conducive work surrounding is one of the legal requirements for any business. The company`s BBS management digital program is designed in a manner that it will streamline the processes of safety. The system will ensure that an individual is up-to-date, provide a checklist for his or her staff to follow, and set reminders.

5. It saves time and money

Honestly, BBS health & safety organizational systems help to save money and time. The program has been created with the final user in mind. The program is popular because of its versatile and ease of use functions.