Looking For A New Digital Partner?

Starting a business entails success as a goal. The digital era has made everything simple. Reaching customers is now simply through the internet. Firms look for the best digital partners every day. With webbureau you are assured of a great digital partner. WeCode is far the best that the market has to offer.


About Wecode

WeCode was started in 2014. Now it has a strong team of 4 old phonedevelopers and one graphic artist. They are best in web pages online shops and custom-built platforms. Their team is very committed working round the clock.

They work close with customers to cater for all their digital problems. They always come up with concrete proposals for a digital strategy that will suit your needs. They work professionally. They can make a simple debugging, optimize standard solutions or develop unique solutions from scratch. WeCode performs all takes professionally without discrimination.

High-quality services

To make sure they deliver, they always listen. The digital designed you look for. With WeCode you are guaranteed quality services.Web code is still a young company growing with experience. They are still hiring new experts to join their current expert team. Though young WeCode has been a digital partner of huge companies. We code reliable service provider. They practice code and standards According to frameworks of authority.

WeCode offers the following services;

  • Digital services
  • Web development
  • Web shops or online shops
  • Digital design.
  • Strategy
  • API/ web services.


He Copenhagen is an example of a business that WeCode has worked with. It was established in 2008 as an eyewear collection. It has now evolved and expanded product lines. WeCode has taken part in developing with Copenhagen. WeCode transformed their shop that handles orders globally. They integrated automated counting and inventory management in He Copenhagen.

He Copenhagen sells products both online and offline. They sell to private and corporate clients. He Copenhagen wanted to maintain a graphic profile online. They also wanted a fresh start with PrestaShop. In this process they involved WeCode. WeCode worked with the online department in the whole process.

An essential part of Copenhagen was inventory management and accounting. This may seem obvious to an online company. There are other processes about private customers and B2B customers.

Professional staff

wiresApart from offering services, we code also provides advises on digital issues. They have a friendly team that is always ready to offer help. They offer on running websites, operating online shops and customized online platforms.

WeCode is a young but promising company. It has been able to exhibit good results in several cases. It has been a digital partner of large enterprises. It is, therefore, the best digital partner.