5 Useful Smartphone Hacks

5 Useful Smartphone Hacks

Android OS holds the largest share of the global smartphone market and one of the reasons for this is customizable interface, which allows users to personalize the device, select what their prefer in terms of apps, games, custom settings, and try out amazing smartphone tricks and tips.

For instance users can personalize Android shortcuts, widgets and search boxes, download a background image that comes alive- although this feature drains your battery significantly- and even add new names to the default dictionary

The following are some of the more useful smartphone tricks and tips for Android users.

1. Change default apps

Have you been using the default apps for particular tasks- e.g. using Chrome to access the internet- but wish to use other apps?

i. Open Settings> Apps

ii. Swipe right and go for the All’ tab

iii. Select the app you want to remove as default

iv. Tap on Clear defaults’.

2. Disable animations

smartphoneThis is one of the easiest ways to make your Android phone run faster and smoother. You will however, need to activate Developer Options, which you will find in the Settings area or About Device. Bear in mind some phones require that you tap on the Build number repeatedly until this message pops up- “You are now a developer!”

After successfully enabling Developer options, look for features such as Animation duration scale, Window animation scale, and Transition animation scale. One by one, turn off all three features.

3. Turn off Auto-Correction

It can get irritating when you phone turns English teacher on you, but there’s a way to turn this feature off for your peace of mind when texting.

i. Open Settings> Language & input

ii. Do you see a settings icon somewhere next to the keyboard that you’re using on your device? One example is Google Keyboard. Tap on the icon that opens keyboard settings

iii. Look for Auto correction on the settings and tap on it

iv. Tap on Off to turn off the auto-correction feature.

4. Check for Android system updates

Users who use stock ROM, you may need to perform an update to your system.

i. Open Settings> About phone- or tablet if applicable

ii. Select system updates

iii. Tap the Check now button to check for newer updates to your system.

5. Disable automatic App updates

Some users prefer to go through app permissions individually and select which updates to install on the device. In order to do this, start by disabling automatic app updates.

i. Go to Play Store and tap on Settings

ii. Select Auto-update apps

iii. Select Do not auto-update apps


To update all your apps manually or all at once, head over to Play Store and swipe the page from the left to reveal the My apps feature. Tap on individual apps to check pending updates, or if you prefer, just tap on Update All.

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