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The Basic Drone Terminology That Every Beginner Drone Pilot Must Know

By the time you are reading this, you probably own a drone already. And if you do, you may have realized that flying a drone is very different from controlling the conventional RC planes and copters. If you haven’t bought your drone yet, then it is fine. You will get to know the basics before you can fly a drone properly, anyway. 

In this article, we’ll start at the very first step of drone proficiency, learning the terminology. We’ll discuss FPV, controller’s parts, flight modes, and maneuvers.

FPV (First Person View)

Not all RC helicopters and airplanes are equipped with FPV technology, but I believe I can’t find quadcopter drones that don’t have the FPV feature included. In fact, flying fpv at night has become the newest cool thing you can do with drones.  

And as the name suggests, drones with FPV allow you to fly them as if you were inside. They have a small camera mounted on the front side, and it is connected to a headgear. You can see what the drone sees by using that headgear. 

The Controller/Transmitter Parts

Drone controllers’ parts are more or less similar to the traditional RC controllers. The controller consists of sticks (left and right), trim buttons (power trim, elevator trim, aileron trim, and rudder trim), flaperon, and gyro switch. From this list, the trim buttons are probably the ones that confuse you. They function exactly as they are named, which is to trim certain controls when the drone is not balanced mid-air. Watch this video to learn more: 

Flight Modes

There are three flight modes of a drone:

a video droneManual- When you throttle your drone forward, it won’t auto-level itself, and the control becomes manual. You’ll know this because the drone will still be tilted even if you let go of the stick. 

Attitude (Auto-Level)– If you center both sticks, your drone will level itself automatically. 

GPS Hold– Just like the older tech of return stick, GPS hold commands your drone to return to a certain point set on your GPS after some maneuvers. 

The Maneuvers

Maneuvers are essential to your drone piloting skills, especially if you want to capture aerial footage. There are many possible maneuvers, but here, we’ll discuss only the most common three. 

drone shotFirst, there is the drone reveal shot. The key to a successful drone-reveal shot is to be steady with your hands while flying the drone to approach the target view. Then you fly past it and reveal the background scene. 

Second, you must know how to do a tracking shot. For this, the skills needed are not difficult, but they can be tricky. You must be able to track a moving object (can be a car, bike, or a motorbike) by flying in parallel to it. Your speed must be constant, or the shot will not be good. 

Third, you have to learn the orbiting maneuver. The basic idea is to move around an object in an orbital direction. Steady speed and angle are the keys here. This maneuver is best if you want to take video footage of a person surrounded by majestic scenery. 

Uses of a tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is not like the traditional flashlight. This is a flashlight that is meant for use in hostile environments. A tactical flashlight is mostly used by the military and people who love hiking and spending time in the wild. One of the features that distinguish a tactical flashlight from other types of flashlights is the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Ideally, it is recommended for every household to own a tactical flashlight. Look at your favourite tactical flashlights on the market before making a choice. You can never know when disaster will strike and require you to have another source of light apart from the normal flashlight.

Tactical flashlight uses

Spot threats in low light areas

If you are in low light areas and you want to identify possible threats, then you should consider carrying your tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight offers brightness that you might not get in other types of flashlights. This will enable you to spot possible threats early enough and help you deal with the problem. With the standard flashlight, it might be impossible because they tend to become dim in some areas. A tactical flashlight can never disappoint you when you need it most.


Temporarily blind attackers

One of the main benefits of a tactical flashlight is the fact that it can be used for self-defense. Like you probably know, a flashlight is brighter than the regular flashlight, and the brightness has its advantages. For instance, if you spot your threat, you can use the bright light to temporarily distract their view. This will give you time to look for a plan to escape or deal with the attacker.

flashlight  and phone

Use as a weapon

A flashlight can be used as a weapon especially when in hostile environments. The fact that it can be used as a weapon it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be used to attack others. This means that it can be used in cases where you need to simplify tasks. For instance, most of the flashlights are made using a strong external body. The strong body of the flashlight can be used to break into windows and gain access in case of emergency. There are also some flashlights that are made with small knives and razors for cutting.

How To Find Genuine Cell Phone Repair Parts At Affordable Price

Buying an expensive phone can be quite an investment, but it would be more dismaying when our cell phones are in a desperate need of repair. Be it batteries, led screen or cell phone accessories, this too can be an expensive dig in your pocket. Then, how to find genuine cell phone repair parts at a lower price? A cheaper way to replace these parts could be to buy them on your own instead of visiting service centers.

However, by opting for this method, you may end up buying fake or cloned parts. With so many companies man phone repairufacturing copies of the genuine products, it makes it difficult to understand the difference between a fake and a genuine cell phone repair parts. Some major cell phone manufacturing companies like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, etc. have all fallen a victim to the piracy industry and hence have fake products scattered all over the world and mainly through e-commerce websites. To avoid this below are some tips that can help you to distinguish between them.

Find Genuine Cell Phone Repair Parts

Authenticated Websites

If you are looking to buy accessories, it would be safer to order them through the authenticated cell phone websites and stores than approach an e-commerce website or a repair store. Companies like Xiaomi and Samsung have online stores where you can directly order them from.

Authorized Stores

Companies like Sony have listed the authorized stores and websites where you can directly purchase parts from. Similarly, brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and others have also listed the authorized stores to make it easier for customers to buy and repair their phones. It may be a little costly, but it would be worth the price.

The Company Logo

Remember that when you purchase any cell phone related product through e-commerce websites, you will have a lot of duplicate options to choose from. In this case, you must check the details of the seller; the authorized company would sell the genuine parts rather than an XYZ seller.

Technical Aspects

Technical aspeusing phonects of the phones like the company logo on spare parts and physical appearance of the product play an important role to distinguish a clone. The materials and craftsmanship for the product would be of a higher quality for genuine ones.

Such fake clones can do more damage to the cell phones than help, sometimes it can also risk the safety of the consumer, and in such cases, it would be advisable to do a thorough research before buying any spare parts or accessories or take help from service centers. Above were a few tips on how to find genuine cell phone repair parts, hope these tips will help you.

Benefits of having a reverse camera in your car

A reverse camera on your dashboard is the best car accessory that you can own. It will make your like simple in more ways than you can imagine. If you are a new driver, then an in car reverse camera is important for you. Reversing is usually a problem for most people especially if you don’t have someone to direct you on how to go about it. With a reverse camera, you can avoid hitting the pavement walls or other cars when reversing from the parking bay. To make your driving experience fun, invest in a good reverse camera.

Advantages of a car reverse camera

Avoid car damage

It is not every time that you will get someone to direct you when you are driving. Sometimephones there are chances of hitting a wall or the pavement barrier when reversing. You have to keep checking the back when reversing. If you are not careful, then you might hit something and damage the bumper of your car. This means you will have many dents in your car and you might need to keep repainting your car. To avoid all these problems, look for a good reverse camera. The camera will help you see clearly, and you make sure that you don’t hit anything unaware.

Save on cost

You will spend some money buying the reverse camera, but it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. With a reverse camera, you don’t have to incur cost repairing or repainting your car due to damage. If you install a reverse camera in your car, you will also save money incurred in insurance. You can always negotiate on insurance premiums because a reverse camera will reduce the likelihood of accidents and this is a plus when looking for an insurance rate.

 reverse camera

Better driving experience

A reverse camera gives you a better driving experience. You will drive knowing that you are aware of everything that is happening at the back. When it comes to reverse parking, you will be confident enough knowing that you know where you are parking your car. If you want to drive comfortably, then make sure that you buy a reverse camera to enhance your driving experience.

Buying The Right iPad Stand – How To Determine The Best

After purchasing the best tablet out, the iPad, it is good to consider accessories for the tablet. Choosing the best stand can be daunting. There are many companies making stands. These ranges from mobile compass stand, Griffin A-Frame, up stands, Joule to hexa pose stand. With this, finding the best tablet stand comes down to individual’s needs. The article is based on buying the right iPad stand. It will also help you know what to look for.

Buying the right iPad stand

What to look for

Depending on the functions, you can get an iusing phonePad stand within your budget range. For those who want basic tablet stands for placing iPad upright while reading materials such as E-book then there are simple models to purchase. A good stand is a better choice for anyone who want a stand which can play music in the built-in speakers; it as well charges the tablet. Such stands are compatible with iPhones and iPods as well. The stand has small, sleek design and can fit anywhere like in the nightstand next to a personal bed. This is one of the best choices when it comes to iPad stands.

Personal needs

While making a decision on the best stand, an individual must realize the primary functions of the iPad and how often the stand is going to be used. For those who are planning to use the stand once in a while as they watch movies then it is advisable to purchase a stand that is cost-effective. They are strong and well-built and offers premium support while the iPad is docked on tablet stand. This is going to satisfy the user as he or she clearly knows less amount of money was spent on the product.

For those who are planning to use the iPad all time and around many peopiPad le like in an office setting then there is a need to purchase a better built in stand. A premium one can hold up against all the elements that one can find in a packed office building. It can offer other accessories like docking station to help one charge the iPad while watching his or her favorite movie. It also comes with a killer sound system which allows the user to share favorite movies with others.

The above is a nice guide for buying the right iPad stand. So after determining the uses of the iPad, one should pick the best one which meets the budget and needs.

Top Skateboarding Safety Tips

According to recent reports published by various institutions, thousands of people get injured every year in the United States. Some of the injuries include deaths and falls caused by the collisions with the motor vehicles. It is important for a skateboarder to follow some safety guidelines when riding a motorized longboard. Those that fail to follow instructions injure themselves when skateboarding. Moreover, riders should wear the appropriate equipment, review their surroundings, and inspect the skateboard.

Safety tips

Know how to fall

You need to learn how to fall safely during riding a skateboard. This is necessary as it reduces your chance of getting serious injuries. Although falls do happen, you need to look for ways that boardminimize the damage resulting. You should prepare to fall by crouching down on the skateboards any time you lose your balance. It is advisable to relax your body when falling. This can help you land safely when the body hits the ground.

Wear protective equipment

It is important to note that protective gear can protect your body parts during falling. In fact, appropriate gear prevents bruises and broken bones along with the less serious abrasions and cuts. You need extra security. Thus, you need to invest in quality mouth guards and right padding for your clothing. When you have more gear, you have an added advantage.

Know when and how to stop

When you know how you can stop, you can prevent yourself from serious injuries. For instance, veterans know when to slide stop and foot break. When carrying out a foot break, you need to put your weight on the foot. It is advisable to use your shoe to create friction.

Learn how to turn

Learning how to turn can help you avoid impending collisions. You should use the body weight to change the direction of your skateboard. It is advisable to apply pressure to your heels or toes. This will depend on the particular direction you need to go.

Reduce speed wobble

When you randomly shift from one side to another, you can easily cause accidents. It is important to follow some tips to reduce playing skateboardspeed wobble. Longer boards are known to provide adequate stability as compared to the shorter boards. Stability results from the extra distance between the wheels. Skateboarders should crouch down and ride forward. This can help them maintain great balance when riding.

Inspect the board

It is necessary to inspect your longboard before riding. Ensure you check cracked or broken parts on the board. Other things you need to check include nuts, mounts, and screws.

Finding The Best Android Smartwatch for Fitness


Smartwatch for Fitness

It took a while to get going, but smartwatches are finally beginning to take a hold on the tech market.

For some people they are just another trendy gadget to strap around the wrist, but for others they can actually serve a really useful purpose – like helping with a fitness regime.

To find the best Android smartwatch for fitness, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Smartphone connection

Your smartwatch works by linking up with your Android smartphone, so spend some time researching into how easy this is to achieve (most smartwatches work via Bluetooth) and what kind of features this link-up provides. Google’s Android Wear is the most popular Android smartwatch brand, and every model comes with built-in fitness software which tracks things like heartrate and distance covered, sending the data immediately back to your phone.

  • Waterproofing and durability

smartwatch for fitnessAre you going to be swimming with it? It could be that you just forget to remove it during a shower, but hopefully common sense dictates here; if you know you’re going to be taking your watch for a dunk, consider its waterproof capabilities. Using your smartwatch for fitness in general is going to result in some wear and tear, so it’s vital to find a model which is robust and will hold together for more than a few months.

  • Battery lifetime

Remember when smartphones first came about and required daily charging? Well the same can be said of smartwatches. Unlike regular watches, they generally last a total of three days (if that) on one charge because they’re running so much sophisticated software – always being connected via wireless churns up battery. A lot. This is worth considering if you’re going for a weekend power hike without access to any power sockets.

  • Design

Obviously you have to consider if the aesthetics of the smartwatch smartwatch for fitnesscharm you (you wouldn’t buy an ugly smartphone, would you?), and if it’s going to be comfortable on your wrist while running/exercising. You’ll know by sight if it’s a good build or not. Also consider what the strap is made of and if it’s possible to change it out.

Because it’s still a fairly new technology, it can be difficult to know
exactly what to look for when trying to find the best Android smartwatch to regiment your fitness, but really, it’s not much different to checking the design and specifications of any piece of equipment.

It’s all about considering your needs and weighing them against the device’s functions while still keeping in mind that what appeals to someone else may not necessarily appeal to you.